bulletA. Idaho Code 18-4301 indicates that anyone who interferes with the free flow of water in the canal system is guilty of a misdemeanor.
bulletB. Idaho Code 18-4302 suggests that any person who wastes irrigation water is guilty of a misdemeanor.
bulletC. Idaho Code 18-4303 requires that any person who obstructs a flow in a waterway, which is regulated by a watermaster, is guilty of a misdemeanor.
bulletD. Idaho Code 18-4304 suggests that anyone who wrongfully diverts water or cuts any canal or stream bank is guilty of a misdemeanor.
bulletE. Idaho Code 18-4305 states that any person who interferes with a headgate or distribution device is guilty of a misdemeanor.
bulletF. Idaho Code 18-4306 suggests injury to ditches and appurtenances is a misdemeanor.
bulletG. Idaho Code 18-4307 suggests injury to measuring devices or alteration of measuring devices is a misdemeanor.
bulletH. Idaho Code 18-4309 suggests it is a misdemeanor to disturb, tamper with or interfere with any headgate, water box, valve, measuring device or regulating device.

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