Seasonal Water Transfers

bullet       Seasonal transfers are only effective for one irrigation season. The stockholder should first file an application and pay a transfer fee to TFCC. The Board of Directors of the company must approve the transfer.
bullet       Designated transfers are allowed, by request on transfer gates, by notifying the ditchrider prior to delivery changes. Call your ditchrider from 7:00 a.m. to 7:30 a.m. for water transfers for the next day.This allows your ditchrider to accommodate your  request.
bullet       Transfers of equal amounts of water, which do not change the original amount ordered, are allowed by the ditchrider. This includes transfers from one headgate to another on the same canal or lateral by the same operator.

       Transfers may only be completed on a route during a ditchrider's scheduled stop at your turnouts. Later transfers result in increased Company costs in overtime and added mileage for the ditchrider.
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